Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm OK ;)

Well, let me start out by saying that I'm okay... I am NOT in the hospital. ;)

So... there was a little miscommunication by the doctor, so I didn't end up having the tests until Friday. The PA told me that drinking was my stay-out-of-the-hospital ticket... so I drank... but she forgot to mention that I had to be NPO for several hours before the test, so they wouldn't X ray me on Thursday.

The pain has been coming and going, and it was better by Friday morning when I had my tests. Which is good, of course, but also a little frustrating in a weird way. They think I have scar tissue or something causing obstructions, but whatever was going on resolved itself, so nothing showed up on the X rays.

My guts, as far as they can see, look healthy, which is great! They also did some live video X ray of my stomach in action, which was very very cool to watch! They did find some new issues, which is very frustrating. Basically, my stomach is not emptying properly - it stays full way too long. Once it does empty, everything travels from my stomach to my bag in literally a minute or two (which may not mean anything because the dye is supposed to go through you quickly). The doctor was concerned about the slow stomach emptying, but I think it was nothing. They made me drink stuff that made me feel sick, so of course my stomach was kinda freaking out. My stomach felt absolutely terrible until Saturday from the contrast I had to drink.

My stomach still feels pretty messed up, and I had a lot of pain on Sunday again. But I don't think there's anything wrong with my stomach - it's probably still just upset from that yucky stuff I had to drink! It does concern me because it hurts like it used to before I had surgery. Please pray that whatever's going on will resolve! It's bad for me to have problems with my stomach because I get dehydrated so easily if I'm feeling poorly. I'm down about 6 lbs from this week of feeling nauseated and hurting - probably a lot of that is lost water. This quickly becomes dangerous and sets off my adrenal problems and everything else. Please pray I can stay hydrated and that my guts will start working right!

Twitchy is getting more and more angry. I see the GI doctor on Wednesday, so we'll be discussing all these issues, I'm sure.

In good news, I've done two weeks now at the slightly lower steroid dosage, and I've only had one day of feeling shaky and dizzy. For the first week, I was totally wiped out, but now I'm feeling much more like myself. Yay! Also, my joints are becoming much less stiff, which is great! I can open jars and stuff. ;)

Thanks for all your support and prayers! This week had the potential to turn out quite badly - like emergency surgery - if the tests showed a big problem. Praise God that it was nothing really bad!

Hannah ;)

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