Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RE-Resetting the "Hospital-Free Days" Counter

So, I'm back at my home away from home... My pain just continued to escalate, and I kept having obstruction symptoms, so I went to the ER yesterday afternoon. Of course, by the time they ran tests, the stomach symptoms were settling down, so once again, all the test are negative. My poor little body is just in so much pain from whatever's goin' on in my stomach, the pouchitis, the arthritis, and muscle stuff that I can't stop shaking. Despite some pretty hefty drugs, the pain is still pretty out of control, so they admitted me primarily for pain management.

I've been very blessed. Andrew took me to the ER and waited patiently for a loooong time. Kari came and was so encouraging and uplifting and a great "distraction" from feeling bad. I've had wonderful people taking care of me, from the radiology people to transport people to my incredibly attentive nurse, doctor who's changed my meds about five times today to try and find a winning combo, and a pharmacist who has stopped in multiple times to make suggestions for how to manage the pain. We're finally starting to make some headway, thankfully, but I still can't sleep. My sweet mommy is here with me, and I'm so thankful. I just need her. Since the nightmarish pain management fails last October from my surgery complications, I get a little freaked when I'm in the hospital and they can't get on top of the pain. It's a blessing to have her here to take care of me and keep me calm. My daddy has the worst end of the deal - he is getting to play logistics manager - trying to clear up some insurance drama.

Tomorrow the GI people are going to come in and try to figure out what to do about the intermittent stomach pains and the pouchitis. Please continue to pray for wisdom for my doctors and family. We are all perplexed and frustrated by how badly I'm doing and with the lack of answers. Something needs to change - my body cannot continue on in this much pain and without being able to eat, drink sufficiently, or sleep. Please pray that my testimony would be clear - that the same God who died for me and saved my soul is in control of this situation! Please pray for encouragement and patience for my parents especially.

Hannah ;)

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