Thursday, July 8, 2010

So... Tired...

Dun dun dun... I am on day 4 at a slightly lower steroid dosage, annnnnnd: I am surviving it! ;) No dizziness or shakiness! This is impressive. Since the end of April, I haven't been able to do even two days in a row at a lower dosage without feeling like death.

The bad news is that it is making me completely exhausted. Like, sleep 14 hours a day and still feel totally zonked exhausted. Eh, whatever. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get off steroids eventually! If I am able to continue at this rate (going down a bit once a month), I could be off them in as little as 7 months. Sigh. That's a realllly long time.

Endocrine Dr called me today to go over labs. Her optimism that whatever's wrong with me isn't from steroids is cute. So, my blood sugar is still running low, so now I get to have my own meter and stab my fingers whenever I feel crummy to see if there's a correlation between the shakiness and dizziness and low blood sugar. Which I might believe, except that my symptoms don't improve when I eat or drink. But the nice doctor lady wants me to try, so I will document blood sugar, blood pressure and pulse for her so we can hopefully get this mess figured out.

Sorry my life is so incredibly boring these days that there's really not much for me to say... mainly I just lay around and sleep and stuff. I'm bored, but I really don't have energy to do much else. I'm trying to be content with this and just rest in what God has for me right now. Some days that goes better than others.

Please praise God with me that the steroid taper is going well so far this time... and pray that my body will continue to tolerate it (hopefully with me gaining a little more energy). Also please pray for me, that my attitude will be honoring to Him!

Hannah ;)

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