Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Update

Thankfully, we were able to get the pain under control this morning (read: everyone gets to watch Hannah get totally stoned every two hours), so I napped and probably drooled and visited with some lovely ladies who came to hang out! Also had quality Mama-Hannah time, which I treasure. Again, I have been blessed with awesome nurses (LOVE this floor), which makes a huge difference. Shelly and Danny, y'all rock! I started feeling really crummy again this evening, but I'm hoping to be able to sleep tonight.

We hoped I'd be able to get outta here today, but looks like I'll be here through at least tomorrow night. Tomorrow I will talk to Rheumatology - we need to get rid of my inflammation to get my pain levels at a more reasonable level... without doing steroids. The surgeons and GI doctors also need to put their heads together and reach an agreement about what to do with Twitchy and how to treat my stomach pain. They have different ideas about what the best course of action is. What really needs to happen is for the teams to talk to each other. They both have a lot of knowledge, so we'd like them to work together as one team, and find the path that will give me the best quality of life.

I'm starting back on a few meds for pouchitis. This was the combo that seemed to do the trick for awhile this spring. I'm also going to do not one, but TWO Superwoman shots tomorrow. So then I can probably save on gas and wear and tear on the car by using my super powers to fly home if they let me out tomorrow night.

I sound like a broken record... but we'd really appreciate prayers for patience and wisdom, both for us and for the doctors. Please pray that Christ would continue to be the focus of my heart! I feel really terrible because we were supposed to go on vacation this coming week. Due to my health, my family had to cancel. They are super gracious, but I'm sad that my issues have yet again changed everyone's plans. I have to remind myself that God knew this would happen, and so that means that He has something better in mind for us this next week.

Hannah ;)

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