Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to the 70's

Hannah's Mom, here again.
Let me say, at the start, that the nurses in ICU are incredible. They took such good care of Hannah, almost knowing what she needed before she would ask. The addition of 4 bags of blood brought color back to Hannah's face, and some medical stuff she could tell you but I measured by the smaller numbers on the monitors. The numbers indicating her pulse went from the 180's as she entered ICU back to the 70's. We like the 70's.

The last two evenings have been quite painful for Hannah. She is such a good patient, so she has gotten up a couple times the last two days, just as the doctor suggested. She even started putting in some mileage ("Mom, let's just go 10 steps down the hall and 10 steps back") But, for some reason, around dinner time, some very painful pain has been plaguing her for two nights in a row.

Did I mention that it is painful pain?

Please pray that these bouts of pain would decrease in quantity and intensity and then completely stop. Pray for continued healing. Please pray for Dad and Mom and Sister and Brothers who are sad to see Hannah in such an uncomfortable state. It would be nice for Hannah and I to get to sleep some, also.

I understand that, not only did Hannah's pulse break into the 70's, but so did the August temperatures in Texas. We are so happy to be back to the 70's.

Thanks for your concern and prayers.
Cathy - Hannah's Mom

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  1. Praying for you guys! "Lord, please carry away Hannah's pain as You did our sin on the cross in Your Son. We know You have a purpose in all of this, but we ask that the purpose might be accomplished in another, less painful way. Yet not our will, but Yours, Lord. You are great in mercy and You give to Your beloved even in sleep. Please grant such mercy and grace tonight. In the name of our great High Priest who bore all of our infirmities, all of our pain, and granted us access to Your throne, Father. Amen."