Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good News! ;)

Hi everyone!

Great news! I have been able to SHOWER and put on CLOTHES - not a hospital gown! Although I still look like a model for medical equipment, I look much more like myself! And better still, I actually am starting to feel like myself again! Walking the halls tonight, every nurse on the floor stopped to congratulate me on how much better I look. My excellent nurse tonight, Deo, also took care of me one of my first nights up here - maybe Thursday or Friday? I can't recall. Anyways, he asked how my pain was and how I was doing... then said, "I didn't want to say this, but, BOY were you in horrible shape when I took care of you last! I am so glad to see you looking like this!"

Today was the FIRST day that I have not done much - every day since surgery has been an exhausting series of crises. Something would go bad, then we'd get it under control... only to have a new crisis arise. Finally today, I just hung out and rested! I did get my beautiful double lumen purple power PICC placed - the special IV that goes into my heart so I can get TPN. Deo got me all hooked up to my TPN, the IV nutrition! We're hoping that this will give me strength and energy so I can heal and not feel like I got hit by a truck (it's day 10 of no nutrition, minus 3 popsicles and a bowl of jello!). I can't stop fantasizing about food and what I'm going to eat first when I can eat again! But even a small sip of water makes me sick right now.

Dr. A is pleased with my progress, but commented that my "GI tract has always marched to its own beat," so it's really anyone's guess as to how long I'll need the TPN and how long before my stomach decides to rejoin the land of the living. We're hoping three days! There is some interesting stuff that remains to be seen... as Dr. A performed my surgery, there were NO signs of adhesions, which we thought were causing all my stomach pain and stuff. That is great news, but... there's no clear answer as to what was causing me to be sick in that way, and we cannot predict if it will return. I'm entrusting all this to the Lord. My steroid levels are back to what they were before surgery, and my body seems to be handling this quite well, praise God!

Since I'm hopefully out of the crisis stage (whew!), I'm able to welcome visitors now - just please call first to make sure that I'm awake and ready. Please pray that my family can take a deep breath and catch up from the last several days of excitement. I honestly can't remember much before Sunday, since I was so incredibly sick and hurting and out of it, which is probably quite a blessing... so last week was likely harder on them than it was on me! Pray that they can sleep and be able to get things done! I'm so thankful for their sacrificial love and care.

Hannah ;)

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