Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Prayers, Please...

Tuesday I saw a Dove Promise chocolate wrapper that encouraged me to "Try something new today," which I took to mean, "Discuss major, complicated, life-altering surgery with your Colorectal Surgeon." I'll post more about that another day, as we're still lacking some key information (like, a surgery date).

Right now, however, I have a prayer request... I am have been throwing up all day and can't stop. The antibiotics should be long-gone from my system, so no clue why I'm so sick. But it's rather bad news for a colon-less wonder to puke a lot, as we have no water reserves due to the lack of colon. It's also bad because the way I'm feeling is quite reminiscent of my pancreatitis experience exactly two years ago. Anyways, please pray that this is nothing bad and that things will settle down so I can avoid the hospital.


Hannah ;)

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