Monday, August 30, 2010

One Week Out

Hi, everyone!

Well, one week ago today, I was heading to the ICU! Wow, what a week it's been! Probably the toughest week of my life. I don't think we were really prepared for how tough this surgery would be on my body. I have been quite incapacitated and I'm still awfully weak. I am whole-heartedly glad that the first week out is OVER! So, how are y'all doing on the Romans 5 challenge? You should be starting on verse three now... confession: I'm not that good on verses 1 and 2. I will catch up by tomorrow, though, and I already have the next several verses memorized, so no slacking! ;) Keep up the good work!!

Today I was very, very sore. My belly is so swollen that it feels like it's gonna burst! I ate most of a popsicle today and was in so much pain for hours afterwards... my tummy is still not awake, so I'm holding off even on ice chips! Most people's stomachs "wake up" again after surgery in about three days. Mine "woke up" almost instantly after my first surgery, so this is pretty weird. I haven't had any nutrition since Saturday before surgery, so I'm very weak (and grouchy, haha). So tomorrow, they are going to put in a special IV line so they can feed me through a vein until my stomach decides it's ready to join us again. ;) I'll do the IV nutrition for at least three full days before trying liquids again. So yeah, I'll be here for a while. Please pray that I can get some more energy and strength so my body can heal!

I know I keep saying this, but please continue to pray for my mom! She has such a servant's heart and has been waiting on me hand and foot, staying every night. Please pray that I can get a little stronger so she can get to spend some time with the rest of the family and get the rest that she needs! Also, pray that I will be gracious... poor mom... today I was so tired and light-headed and uncomfortable... she was suggesting all these sweet, kind things to try and help and I just started crying... I felt like I was three! I was just so miserable that I didn't know what I wanted. She is so gracious. It's unbelievable. Christ shines through her in so many ways!

My whole family is so loving and caring and does so much to make sure I stay encouraged and lifted up! Also, thanks so much to all who are bringing meals (the boys LOVE you!!!) and praying and emailing, etc.

I am trying to focus on the little victories each day... today, I got some drains and wires off! Yay! It's getting a little easier to get out of bed. Praise God, the infection in my incision is almost completely gone! They messed with it some on Sunday, and by this evening, it looked so much better! I am still completely unable to sit due to the incision where they took out Twitchy. Ouch. But overall, my pain is under good control and I'm moving around every day! I just have to be patient and slow as I wait for my body to "wake up." Pray that the addition of nutrition (haha) will help me get stronger!

Today, in the midst of hurting a lot and feeling yucky, I was thinking about having "peace with God" through Jesus Christ. I was not having the best attitude and was feeling grumpy. But having peace with God truly transcends all circumstances and situations of life, including this one! Praise God for peace.

Hannah ;)

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