Friday, August 20, 2010

Pre-Op Fun and Excitement

Yesterday was my pre-op testing at the hospital. You know, the stuff where you go in, tell all your information to a lady at a computer, who sends you to another floor, where they have you fill out forms of all the same information, then you talk to a nurse, who asks you all the same questions you just answered on the form. ;) The ironic part was that after all that, the sheet they printed off to put in my chart had some of the wrong meds on it!

I had a lovely pre-op nurse. She was complementing me on my low blood pressure and being "healthy," then read my list of meds and said, "Oh." I guess my long list of meds puts me in the "unhealthy" category. ;) She was super sweet and wished me the very best and hopes that surgery helps me feel better!

There have been a few glitches along the way. Dr. A's office sent me directions that involved me drinking a laxative prep on Sunday, which would probably kill this Semi Colon! ;) A few phone calls confirmed that they sent the wrong instruction sheet and I do NOT need to do that, which is excellent news. ;) Also, I am still waiting to hear what the exact plan is for the steroids on the day of surgery. I got a little freaked out yesterday that no one knew about that. Dr. A is supposed to call me today to let me know what they plan on doing. It will help my peace of mind to know that someone knows what is happening. ;) Please pray that all these little details get worked out!

Please also be in prayer for my family, as me having surgery and being in the hospital is stressful and adds to their already crazy busy lives...

Hannah ;)

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