Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Update

Dear Friends and Family,

My dad just forwarded me several emails from people... I've also been receiving so many emails and encouraging words. Thank you so much. The Lord is faithfully sustaining my family beyond what is humanly possible, so please keep them up... He is doing an incredible work and giving us all such joy in the midst of a lot of misery. And your ministry to us is simply an indescribable encouragement!

There are so many things that are making me feel quite terrible right now, and this surgery has really taken it out of me. It's time to really push through the pain and walk, walk, walk. I've been trying very hard to take several walks today. It's not a pretty sight at all... but with my sweet mom helping me every step of the way, we make it... I'm re-learning a lot of basic care activities that are new and different and much harder than before surgery.

I have a specific prayer request/praise: Here's how neat God is, that our biggest prayer request is also our biggest praise... early this morning, we had to change Squirt's bag due to a leak. Later this afternoon, it leaked again (or so we thought). Once we got the bag off, we were able to see that there had been no leak... but in removing the bag, an infection in my biggest insicion was discovered. We might not have found it for several days if God hadn't shown us the "leak." We are starting hard-core antibiotics tonight and doing some not-fun things tomorrow to get on top of this infection. Please pray for a speedy recovery!

My intestines are still "asleep" from the anesthesia, which means I've eaten practically nothing since last weekend before surgery! The lack of movement is quite painful, and I am getting weaker and weaker... please pray for a wake-up! ;)

Due to all my tubes and drains and messes, we would request some privacy still... hopefully soon I will be a little bit more socially acceptable so I can thank you all in person!

"We also rejoice in our sufferings..."

Hannah ;)

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  1. Hey Hannah... I'm so glad you are able to get up a bit here and there. Such an answer to prayer. We have had you in our prayers constantly. I'm looking forward to coming to see you when you're ready for visitors! I hope that today is productive in your "rest". :) Love you so much! Rachel