Friday, August 27, 2010

"Strength for Today, and Bright Hope for Tomorrow"

Hi, everybody!
Last night was very, very tough. Probably the worst day on record. A lot of pain and nausea and no real relief. Thankfully, things have been doing better early this afternoon! God allowed Sarah and my dad and mom to be there with me, and they were a great comfort! Please continue to pray for clear communication between the doctors. There are so many different specialties overseeing my care that it's very easy for them to assume that some other doctor is dealing with one issue or another.

Please pray for rest and peace for every member of the family! I am very weary and uncomfortable, and so is my mom, dad, sister, brothers, grandparents... Pray that we will be a bright light to all we meet. My parents had the opportunity to share the gospel and pray with a lady today at the hospital. Her mom is very ill with cancer and not expected to live much longer. Praise God for the hope only He can bring, and pray that He'll work in the hearts of these people...

Praying for a "better" tomorrow... great is His faithfulness!

Hannah ;)

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