Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Closer...

It appears I may get to go home as soon as tomorrow!! Yay!

I've done well the past two days with TPN running only 12 hours a day instead of 24. The nutrition people say I'm doing okay with eating, so I am allowed to start tapering off TPN! Eating is still a struggle, as I feel nauseated all the time and my stomach hurts, but I'm pushing through it and eating more, although it's not so fun all the time.

My stomach hurt a ton yesterday afternoon and all night, and my joints and muscles were unhappy, too. My heart rate was double what it usually is. I don't know if it's from pain or what, but it was a rather unpleasant evening. I am hoping that the doctors will agree to put me back on the meds I was on at home to manage the joint and muscle pain better. The doctors don't really know what's causing the belly pain. We are hopeful that it's still related to the abscess - that would mean that it will eventually go away!

And about the abscess and drain... yeah. Seems I will get to take the drain home with me. The abscess was huge - like bigger than softball-sized. My body had kind of walled it off, apparently. After two weeks, we've drained out a lot of the fluid, but it still continues to drain blood. The CT on Monday showed that the abscess is much smaller, but a lot of "debris" remains in my abdomen, which I guess is tough to drain out? Anyways, the IR and Surgery people are discussing potential plans. One involves them basically flushing my abdomen with a bunch of saline, then pulling it out in the hopes of removing some of the crud. Sounds fun, right? ;) Honestly, at this point, nothing surprises me anymore! ;) But they all seem to think that I will need to keep the drain in for a few weeks more at least. I am less than thrilled about that (not excited to have another tube hanging off of me and another bag to cover up), but of course I understand the necessity of having it in! And I'd rather go home with the drain than stay in the hospital just because I have a drain in.

This afternoon, I got unhooked from my IV pole!!! FREEDOM! I'm ashamed to admit this, but it's funny, so here goes: I went to walk Marcia out of my room, so I stood up, unplugged my IV pole, arranged the wires, and wheeled it all the way out into the hall before I remembered that I wasn't actually attached to the pole... haha!! After four weeks, it feels so weird to walk without my trusty pole (who is named "The Weeping Willow") to lean on! Don't worry, I adjusted after about three steps. ;) I still have to get hooked up to it at night for TPN, but I'm enjoying my freedom now! One step closer to release.

Hannah ;)

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