Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer Request

Well, I was having too much fun yesterday to update! I felt the best I've felt since surgery! It was great. Got to visit with some awesome people, walked around quite a bit, and overall felt like myself! We turned down my pain meds some, and I was just fine with that change. The TPN is going well, and giving me energy!

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning feeling very uncomfortable. Nothing I could really put my finger on at first, and I still felt energetic, but by mid-morning, I felt awful. Just very, very exhausted, nauseated, uncomfortable. So I have spent the rest of the day dozing under my wonderful soft blanket (compliments of Melinda Spray!) with my inspiring uplifting playlist going in the background. ;) The doctors came in a little concerned. My white cell count is through the roof. We think I have at least a bad UTI going on. Please pray that we can quickly get rid of this infection! You may recall that I ended up with a kidney infection for over 6 weeks after my first surgery. This is NOT a process I'd like to repeat.

The other concern is just that I have so many possible places infection could be hiding/spreading. My wounds are of concern, as is the PICC line. If infection were to get into this line, which leads straight to my heart, I could go into sepsis, an infection of the blood. This would be baaaad news. So just please pray that we can quickly conquer whatever is going on here! Also continue to pray for my stomach to wake up!


Hannah ;)

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