Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank You

Dear friends,

Yesterday I opened the most special gift I've ever received: a book of notes from many of you with encouraging words and verses. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! I'm not really sure who's to blame for my wonderful book... but please know that I am completely overwhelmed and so thankful and I feel so unworthy of all the kind words. I'm not sure why God has blessed me so much with so much support, love, and prayers... but I sure am thankful! I pray that somehow God is using these trials I'm facing to bring all of us closer to Him and more like Him. May He be glorified in all this!

Still nothing really new. Dr. A is back in town, tanned and happy after vacation in Hawaii. Lucky. We are still debating the benefits vs risks of running another scan. The infection stuff is really just staying the same. I'm working on the eating thing... I just really don't have an appetite. I feel sick to my stomach and it hurts when I eat, which is frustrating. I feel like I'm at anorexia recovery camp or something. I have to do calorie counts and they are pushing me to choke down more and drink supplements and choke down more and more. Hopefully we can at least cut back on the amount of TPN in a few days. I ate a fair amount yesterday, but today was not so good. I'm trying, but it's hard. Honestly, though, I haven't been eating very much since... July or something. So I'm just really unused to eating. I am kind of amazed at my body's ability to maintain a fairly normal weight even though I don't eat much! Kind of like how I didn't become anemic despite bleeding internally for so long. I am Superwoman! ;) Just kidding. God has given my body tremendous reserves!

I finally gave up my happy green button of pain medicine today. It was a sad farewell... just kidding. It's one less IV tube to be hooked up to; one step closer to home! So kicking the IV narcotics habit is a step in the right direction! ;) It's gonna storm tonight, though, I can tell... stupid joints are acting up a little more again. They honestly aren't as bad as they were before surgery, which is a good thing.

Hannah ;)

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