Monday, October 4, 2010

Drumroll, Please....

I am doing BETTER! I'm trying really hard to actually eat food... and it's working... I still feel nauseated all the time, but it's not as bad. I am still just eating pretty pathetic amounts, but it's a huge improvement over eating literally NOTHING! ;) Also, my joints are actually feeling not so bad! They are still stiff and sore, but it's on a far lower plane of pain than they've been on for the past several weeks. My energy is definitely not normal, but I am not totally comatose 20 hours a day, which is nice. ;) I'm very thankful and I hope that I'm turning a corner!!

I did see some doctors on Friday. Dr. A very nicely came to see me although he is not supposed to be in clinic on Fridays. I think we can safely say that the drama surrounding the drain is winding down, and I have a Mr. Clean-ectomy scheduled for Friday! So I think that the "Epic Fail" story will have a happy ending. I appreciate them going above and beyond trying to right the wrongs, although of course I'd really prefer to not have suffered through the "wrongs" part. ;) I also saw a new internist... for the last internist experience, click here. It was okay, definitely much better than the last one, but sorta similar (what is their deal with pushing pneumonia shots on me?!?). She was not very familiar with the J pouch procedure, but she was willing to ask questions and listen, which I really appreciate and is a good sign, I think. I need an internist for all the general stuff, like if I get a sinus infection or something, and hopefully she can help with the specialist juggling, but she's not gonna be breaking any new ground or curing me.

I was in the beautiful wedding of two very dear friends this weekend... congratulations to Daniel and Claudia!! Claudia is an incredible friend. We've stuck it out in good times and bad. On my fun UC journey, she's been with me every single step of the way and has done more for me than I can possibly describe! When I started seeing a GI doctor, I had no car, so she took me to every single appointment (and also to the ER more times than I can count on one hand). She's cooked for me, takes me out so I feel normal, encourages me, laughs at me, and is simply an amazing friend. I had a great time and my body started this whole upswing thing just before the wedding started, which was AMAZING!

I also started training for my new job today... that's right... I got a job! I'm nervous about keeping up with everything, as my body still is rather finicky and fickle. But it will feel wonderful to have things to do and places to go and be a productive member of society again. ;)

I am so thankful for feeling a bit better the past few days. I can't even express it. My mind starts going all nuts cause it's so excited and happy and I feel somewhat like myself, not like someone who got backed over and then run over again... ;) Whether God allows me to keep improving, or whether I don't, I know that He is and will continue to use me wherever He has me for His glory. I can't begin to describe all that He's taught me and all that I've learned and how He's changing me through this trial... but I will try very soon to condense it into a post. Look for it soon on Semi Colon! ;)

Hannah ;)

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