Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home, Sweet Home (?)

So... after Sunday night, I spent all day inpatient Monday with doctors coming in and out telling me that they didn't know what to do about my abscesses and stuff, but my options did not look good. Dr. A would make the final call. Finally, that evening, Dr. A came in... and told me my CT looked fine. The abscesses were too small to do anything about, and he didn't plan to treat my high white count with antibiotics. He would keep me overnight and see how I was in the morning, then send me home. Since there didn't seem to be a point in staying, I asked if I could leave, and he agreed. So off I went!

Tuesday I went to work in the afternoon, and God orchestrated an appointment with my Rheumatologist. Her office called kinda out of the blue to move up my appointment (which was at the end of this month), since I wasn't doing great. I didn't want to have to ask off of work, so I declined. Then, I prayed about it and decided that seeing her was probably more important, so I called back and accepted the offer! The Lord truly worked through this appointment and she wins the Wonderful Doctor of the Year award!

She saw me today. First, I made her nurse cry (on the forms you have to fill out, you have to write about any hospitalizations since your last office visit. So... yeah. She's a wonderful, grandmotherly type of nurse, wanted to hear the whole story, and was so sad for me). Then the Rheumy came in and started looking at my CT and labs from this weekend. All I really wanted to know was if I could restart my superwoman shots, but she was highly concerned with the sky high WBCs and said NO WAY, and we need to figure out what infection is causing this. She stayed in the room with me for over an hour. She referred me to Infectious Disease. She spoke with GI Dr. Finally, she paged Dr. A and let him know her concerns. She also hugged me and told me things were gonna get better. She was very concerned about how I looked and that I'm having increased abdominal pain in the exact area where the abscesses are.

So... she sent me back to the hospital. I've also been bleeding more (which is probably the abscesses trying to drain). She said that the abscesses are not going to go away if I ignore them and that it's better to deal with them now, as opposed to waiting until I'm terribly ill.

So, get this: I'm back on 3 North with "my" nurses... in MY exact room!! So you know where to find me. If I have to be in the hospital (and believe me, tears were shed over this decision), there's no other place I'd rather be. The nurses have already brought me a six pack of Sprite and a few have come in just to give me hugs. ;) I'm getting spoiled.

Please, please pray that this hospitalization leads to some answers. Please pray that my parents and I would be wise and firm and kind without compromising on what's acceptable and what's not. This is an incredibly tough situation that has become quite political. Since I have such a complicated history and "different" anatomy, most doctors don't feel comfortable treating me, so they defer to Dr. A. Dr. A is a rather hands-off guy who doesn't really want to treat anything if there are no surgical problems. So... that's why I ended up getting sent home Monday night without any resolution of my problems. I do not want this to happen again. I know that something's not right with my body. I should not have constant nausea and worsening pain. We need to get this figured out. If Dr. A is unwilling/unable to treat the issues, then I need him to call in someone who can. I'm truly not trying to be bratty or seek attention... I just wanna feel better!

So... the Romans 5:1-11 challenge is still goin, since I have turned out to be the world's slowest memorizer! I still do not have verse 11 down, so I figure God still has a lot for me to learn from His words in this passage! Please continue to memorize, or if you're done (and huge congratulations to you!!), continue to practice saying these verses. Share them with someone at work. Say them to a friend or family member. God's word is so powerful! And what amazing truths about our great God - who has justified and given peace and hope to His enemies.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah, def look for another doctor... or 2, or 3, or 10!! And never feel bad about it!! A good doctor will ENCOURAGE 2nd opinions! Continuing to pray for you, sweetie!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I can feel your prayers! This morning, my GI doctor, who I dearly love, and his team were called in and are sort of taking over. This is excellent news and they are consulting with other doctors to try to get this straightened out. ;)