Saturday, October 30, 2010

STILL Good Days! ;)

Well, it's the end of another good week! ;) I'm so happy! I am still feeling tired, but it's just "normal" tiredness, not unable-to-get-out-of bed, bone deep fatigue. I am going to work and just being a normal person and stuff... it's so wonderful. I don't know how people take this stuff for granted. I've gotten out of bed every single morning this week, no problem. IT'S SO AMAZING! God is so very good. Not just in the "good" times. All the time. But He's so very kind to bless me with these good times!

I still have really bad nausea from time to time, but it's not constant and my meds are actually helping. I still have pain from the abscesses, but it is definitely better than it was. My joints are stiff and hurt, but it's not terrible! It's all pretty manageable!

I had a grand total of ZERO doctor's appointments this week, which was FANTASTIC. Although I got a break from the doctor this week, I did have to go get labs. My white count is still remarkably elevated, but it is improved from when I was discharged last Monday. They will probably recheck it in a week to make sure it's headed in the right direction (that would be down). Of course, to make up for this week, I have 3 doctors to visit this coming week, but the "time off" was nice. ;)

Please be in prayer for wisdom... my family and I have some questions that need to be answered regarding who is in charge of my care... I have a couple 5 or so specialists, all of whom are very good, but very specialized and only treat a narrow window of problems. My unique issues sometimes fall outside of their areas or encompass multiple areas, so it's really tough to get a doctor who will give me a straight answer or actually treats my problems. What often happens is that Endocrinology sends me to GI for this problem, which GI thinks is an endocrine problem, and therefore won't treat. Since endocrinology sent me to GI, endocrinology won't treat it either. Basically, I get "ping-ponged" back and forth without ever getting any help, because no specialty will claim me. The seemingly obvious solution, getting an internist, a sort of general doctor, has been less than helpful. My problems are beyond their scope, so they don't treat me either - they just bounce me back to the specialists. This is a huge headache and even gets dangerous for me, since no one is actually addressing major issues. So this week we are hoping to sort of define who is in charge/will take responsibility for me. I mean, hopefully, this will become a moot point, as ideally I'll continue to get better each day, but to be wise, we need to figure out a better plan than the current bouncing around.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hannah doesn't like bouncing?! WHAT?! lol :) Love you and SOOOOO so happy youre doing a bit better. We (and pretty much the state of Florida)are praying for you and the fam love muffin!!! xoxo