Monday, October 25, 2010

Yes, Better Days.

No question mark this time... I am feeling the best I've felt since January.

I still don't feel "good," but I don't want to die, either, so I'll take it!! My nausea and stomach pain are definitely better. Instead of constant nausea, I'm eating MUCH better and only need my nausea meds after I eat. My joints and muscles are unhappy, but it's manageable! I'm very tired but my body isn't shutting down or anything. NO adrenal issues lately. None. I like this. I am functioning. It's amazing!! I am so thankful.

Not being one to let better days go to waste, I worked something like 35 hours last week between Tuesday and Friday (okay, I did NOT do this on purpose. It was NOT my choice. And I was exhausted to the point of tears every day). But, here's some other proof that I am feeling better:
  • Squirt made his diving debut this weekend as I threw on a swim suit and launched myself off the diving board a time or 5 at the alumni meet. Side note: fellow ostomates of the world: you can dive, even off a 5 m platform, with your bag on. And it will not come off. Although my teammate kindly offered to take the blame and say he'd had an accident in the pool if something happened. ;P Also, if you're skinny, and wear a patterned swim suit, your stoma and bag are virtually invisible. Even the few teammates who know Squirt's there came up to ask me if I still had the bag, 'cause they couldn't see it! I can't jump at all (heck, I can barely climb up the ladder), but I did some line ups (basically falling off the board and landing head-first) and Loud and I did our world-famous falling back flips off 5 m. I loved hanging out with the divers and remembering what good times we had. Diving was such a huge part of our lives. Ostomy supplies: $110.00/month. Swim suit: $35.00. The feeling of ripping an entry (hitting the water just right so that you make no splash and make a "POP" noise when you enter): priceless.
  • I made it to church yesterday. It's been a while! The kids look so tall! There are new buildings and rooms! ;)
  • I made up one of my physics tests today. One down, two more to go... then I will have the most expensive piece of paper ever.* I am thankful to be able to do all this stuff, although I may totally crash here in about three seconds. This last week has been more action-packed than the whole summer put together. I am absolutely thankful for every single moment I have of feeling decent, and I don't want to waste a second of it!
In short... I cannot believe that this is happening. Last week, for the first time, the thought entered my mind that maybe, just maybe, this last surgery WAS actually a good idea. That maybe I will get BETTER! I still don't feel good or normal, whatever that means. I know my body will never be the way it used to be. If nothing else, I'm down 7.5 feet of tube. I'm told I will continue to have chronic pain and nausea and fatigue. BUT... right now, everything is at a level where I can function! Yaaaaay! Yeah, I have to take at least 11 different meds more than 6 times a day to keep it that way, but heh, whatevs.

Hannah ;)

*upon further reflection, my discharge papers from the 4-week long surgery/hospitalization are gonna be much more expensive than my college diploma.


  1. hahaha. omg, diploma vs. hospital bills... geez Hannah. :) LOVE YOU! Wish I could have come to the Alumni meet (not sure if I would go though.....) xoxo

  2. Hannah! Hey!

    I am so glad you're feeling better! Way to get out there and dive! ;) Hope your physics test went well - I'll be praying for your upcoming tests as well.

    Praise God and take care!