Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Days

Well, it had been almost month since I had been in the hospital. I missed being there so much that I had to go back! Not really, but I did end up in the ER this weekend... oops.

On Friday, I went to the Infectious Disease doctor. He asked me to "tell my story, beginning with my diagnosis." I gave him the Reader's Digest version, but it was still a LONG story! Poor guy! Basically, the plan is to continue on antibiotics for a few more weeks while monitoring labs to ensure that everything is continuing in the right direction. He hopes I can get through these abscesses without doing more CT scans - I like that idea! He did more labs, and they all looked great!

Unfortunately, on Friday night I started having stomach pain. I think I had an obstruction. It continued on through Saturday afternoon, then improved as things started moving again. Then... it came back again. I was at my dear friend Heidi's (check out her excellent blog here) and realized I was going to need some medical attention. Elizabeth very kindly followed me to the local ER and sat with me til my mommy came. The ER doctor wasn't the sharpest scalpel in the OR, so to speak, but we both knew I just needed some pain relief and hydration, not a full work up. He did some labs, and my white count had jumped back up a bit. Nothing terribly high, but higher than it had been the day before. After some pain meds and fluids, I started feeling very drugged but much better, so I went home. I spent Sunday in the fetal position with my heating pad, bottle of pain pills, stuffed puppy from the Links, and fuzzy blanket from Melinda!

I had to work on Monday and today, which was interesting, but I started to feel better by Monday afternoon.

Monday was made even more interesting by a little surprise experiment to see how I would do if I skipped my 11 am dose of steroids. I forgot to bring that pill (one of three daily doses) to work. I did okay, just was a little tired and dizzy. I think the missed dose had a delayed effect, as this afternoon at work, I had a full blown adrenal episode, complete with shaking, sweating, dizziness and very clouded thinking. Bummer. Thankfully, it only lasted an hour, but it was extremely tough to work through and I remember how bad this stuff stinks! ;)

Tonight I'm having incredibly bad muscle and joint pain. My joints have been flaring up (and the new thing is that my entire rib cage hurts - not just my sternum), but this is even more than that. When the adrenal stuff gets worse, my pain goes way out of control. All this from one missed dose!! Hopefully it settles down soon. This makes me VERY nervous about the steroid tapering I'm supposed to to soon.

My GI doctor called me last night. He's concerned about scar tissue and adhesions in my intestines as well as in my urinary system. I continue to have pain and troubles with urination, which is concerning to him. Hopefully it's nothing serious and I'm hoping it's just nerves healing from surgery. He said, "I really hope we do not have to do more surgery on you." I told him I sure hope not; I don't ever want surgery again! My body seems to really hate surgery, and he agrees that I've had an incredibly rough time. If the abdominal pain I had this weekend returns, he wants me to text him (no kidding... who texts their doctor, though? Oh my life...) and he will set up some tests that need to be run. Instead of CT scans, we will do abdominal ultrasounds in the future.

I'm a little concerned that I am having problems again. I really hope that the abdominal pain was just some freak episode that won't ever return. I hope that the adrenal stuff and the severe pain I'm having tonight are related to the missed pill and will resolve. Tomorrow I'm going to see the chiropractor, so hopefully he can help with the pain... I know that God is in control of my life and this situation, so I'm not worried, but of course I hope that I will feel better again soon! And I'm thankful for my 25 hospital-free days!

Hannah ;)

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