Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Dilemma

Today I had my appointment with Dr Sidekick (in surgery). So... over this weekend, I started having all my "abscess symptoms" again. It started to really hurt when I would pee... then Monday night, my stomach started to hurt really bad again. It hurt all day Tuesday and was awful this morning - like considering leaving work and checking myself into the ER awful. Thankfully, it started feeling much better, but I figured it was a good thing I was going to see the surgery people today!

It was kind of a sad appointment. To quote, I am in a "bad and complex situation" with my abscesses. Since my white count is still elevated, and especially since I am feeling bad again, I have to continue on antibiotics. The abscesses are still there, we guess. I got to see my scans today (Side Note: It is always mildly disconcerting and uncomfortable for your doctor to show you your insides. "See that right there? Those are your ovaries!"). The abscesses aren't really big enough and they are too deep in my body for them to be able to do anything to them (drain them or something), but my immune system is having a very tough time cleaning them up, apparently. It seems this is going to take a really long time and a ton of antibiotics to resolve... And antibiotics may or may not do the trick. Therein lies the dilemma.

We discussed re-scanning to see if the abscesses are growing or shrinking or what, but I REALLY want to avoid more scans because a). I don't really want cancer from all these CT scans, b). I don't really want to have the contrast dye again because I'm now allergic to it! and c) I don't want to mess up my poor body by taking all the steroids that would be necessary to keep my body from reacting to the dye. We talked about other scanning options and treatment options. We could do an MRI, but it's not as helpful for a number of reasons. If I continue to get worse, we may have to consider IV antibiotics or even surgery, but we really don't want to pursue ANY of those right now. ;)

So, I ended up with a referral to Infectious Disease. They are the best people to decide what antibiotics I should take, and how long I should take them. And they may have new ideas for treating the abscesses. In the meantime, I am supposed to go to the hospital if anything gets worse. Booooooo. Let's pray nothing gets worse!!

I'm still doing pretty well! My stomach has been killing me for the past few days, and I had some adrenal issues on Sunday, but really, overall, I feel so much better that I can't complain! I have energy and stamina like I haven't had since... just after surgery #1! I'm eating really well, which is so incredible! I am feeling more and more comfortable around food and feeling hungry most days! I still have nausea, but it is well controlled when I take my medicine.

Dr Sidekick may think I'm in a bit of a pickle, but really, my dilemma is... should I name my abscesses? I've named everything else so far... Honestly, though, it's always weird to go to the doctor and hear that there is no timeline or schedule or anything for if/when things will get better. I appreciate Dr Sidekick's humility to admit that they don't know how long the abscesses will take to go away, or that they don't know if my body will be able to beat them on its own. He also commented that, for whatever reason, my body just doesn't follow the rules. No one wants to hear that kind of stuff. That's why it's so reassuring and comforting to know that God knows me, inside and out. He knit me together. And I can totally trust in Him to do what's best in His perfect time.

Hannah ;)


  1. hmm...I name everything, too (at least my devices, I've not gone so far to name body parts yet.) My iPod's name is Ivan (so my playlists are called "RADIO IVAN",) my computer's Matthias, My car's Mad Max and my Flash Drive's Theodore. Anyways...perhaps you should name your abscesses ERIS, INC...Eris was the greek spirit of strife.

    It was so good seeing you Sunday!! I hope for more "normal" days for you!! Much love and vanilla-scented hugs!!


    Heidi Michelle