Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday!

Whew! Made it! ;)

It's Friday night, and it's been a long week! I was in SO MUCH pain all week... the chiropractor helped some for a little while, which was great, but my body has just been freaking out because I'm hurting - like heart racing, shaking, sweating, seeing spots. Not fun. My joints are hurting a lot and I'm having that weird all-over pain - I dunno if it's muscle pain or what, but it's unpleasant. My tummy has started dumping off and on again, too.

In happy news... the stomach pain from this weekend is much, much better. I have the pain on occasion, but it goes away after a little while. My nausea is, like, almost gone!! Today I didn't even take my nausea meds because I just didn't need them!! WOW! I have been eating a lot better (almost normally!!) and my weight is going back up, which is great!

I think that this week has been so bad because of the missed steroid dose... I know that sounds silly, but it really messes with my body! I took (shh... don't tell my endocrine doctor) an extra dose of 'roids today, which helped some. I'm frustrated because my body was doing SO WELL and not having adrenal issues until this week. Oh well...

Hannah ;)

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