Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

This weekend has been a bit of a "crash" weekend. As you well know, everything I do must be done in the hardest way possible. So of course, in true Hannah form, I got a sore throat the night before my final, haha, so I've been trying to get rid of this little cold. Actually, it's kind of wonderful to be sick. Because I know that it will soon go away and I'll feel better!

Since Friday night, I've been hurting A LOT, which is not so fun. Makes it hard to sleep through the night. I've been pretty miserable. So, I've just been laying around with my heating pad and fuzzy blanket! Sadly, I have to go to work...ugggghhh it will be tough while I'm hurting this much. But I am thankful that I GET to go to work and that I'm able to do so.

Now that I'm done with physics, I'm going to finally start tackling the list of thank you notes I need to write from my hospital stuff. Gosh, you people are just so nice and send me cards and flowers and books and all kinds of stuff that it's gonna take me forever to catch up! ;) What a wonderful problem to have - I am so blessed!

The doctor appointments are finally starting to slow down... maybe 3 every two weeks, and I only have two more appointments between now and Christmas! I'll have just 3 doctors to see in January! Woot woot!

Hannah ;)

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