Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Doctor Frustration

Okay, I reread my post from Monday... I'm sorry I was so grumpy! Things are all about the same - tired and really hurting, but still working! I'm going to try to drop down on steroids again tomorrow... we shall see how that goes!

Yesterday, I talked with GI Dr's nurse because I ran out of Zofran (magical anti-nausea medicine). Nooooo! ;) I LOVE that stuff; it's better than crack. It just makes my tummy feel happy all over. She promptly called me in a whole bunch of Zofran with three refills. It was a good day. She asked how I was doing. I was like, "Um... since you asked..." and told her about the continuing UTI symptoms and issues with the abscesses. She was all concerned and said she'd have GI Dr call me the next day. I reassured her that nothing acute is going on; nothing has really changed since November... but it hasn't gotten any better, either.

GI Dr called today. When I told him about the pooping stuff, he said, "Miss Hale, that should not be happening." Well... yeah. He was slightly aghast and wanted to know what Surgery thought of this. I told him that they are kind of shrugging it off. He kept emphasizing that this isn't normal and he's sorry that everything has been so messed up with me. He charted my labs, and it's pretty clear that my white count has been creeping back up since I got off antibiotics. Seems to me that the ID Dr told me he would call me if my white count was elevated... I am so not impressed with him. Anyways, GI Dr thinks that the abscesses aren't gone/are getting worse again, since I'm having pain and problems. But since I'm not running a fever, we're gonna hold off on doing anything for now. He did tell me I can increase my bladder numbing medicine for comfort until we figure out what to do.

I was supposed to return to see ID Dr again this week, but getting an appointment has turned out to be hugely challenging. I called several times over the last two weeks and they never got back to me. Finally, I talked to a lady yesterday... turns out he only sees patients on days when I cannot get off work. I really don't want to go back to see him, since he did not listen to me the last time I was in the office. And he keeps ordering labs, but doesn't actually look at them or treat me based on their results. It really seems like some kind of infection has been getting slowly worse over the last three weeks, but he either thinks I'm fine or isn't paying attention to the labs. Bottom line is that I still don't have an appointment with him. But I don't think that the appointment will actually be helpful, anyways.

I am still having a bad attitude about doctors in general, and the ID doctor and surgeons in particular. ;) Seems like they mess up over and over again and simply aren't providing good care. I am at a loss for what to do about it, but I am thankful for GI Dr keeping tabs on me and stuff. Mainly I just wish I were healthy and wouldn't have to deal with all this stuff... but that's just silly. I know that God has me in this circumstance for a reason - for His glory and my good - and I'm trying to rest in that.

Hannah ;)


  1. Hi - see really you sum up how scary UC is and having the operation not work out petrifies me. I don't understand neither why Doctors don't listen as there has to be a simple cure out there, but the puzzle isn't getting out togther properly...pieces are still missing and whether this is due to egos or blatant thoughlessness who knows...some doctors really do try to help, but others just won't listen and insist we are wrong. How can we change this eh? You hang in there....and keep strong ... there's got to be a purpose for this crappy disease...though I have no idea what yet.

  2. Hey Paula,
    Don't let my experience with surgery scare you... there are so many people out there who have such good results from surgery. And honestly, altho I still have major problems, I have no more urgency, way less tummy pain, and my life no longer revolves around going to the bathroom! I am able to live a much more normal life now that my colon is gone. Surgery is a good solution if nothing else is working. But when they say surgery's a cure, know that they are not being entirely truthful! But don't delay having surgery because of horror stories, either. ;) Your assessment of the doctors is so right. If you have any questions about surgery or UC or anything, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will answer anything that I can! Keep pressing on!