Friday, December 17, 2010

Prayers for Bryan

This week has proved to be challenging. I'm still really hurting, but I'm able to stay on top of it okay with my meds. Except at night. I'm having trouble getting comfortable at night. It's just so weird 'cause I can't even really pinpoint what exactly is wrong - just my whole body hurts. I dunno what it is, but I sure wish it would stop! ;) I went to the chiropractor, which helped a little bit, but not much.

My tummy is still doing so well! It hurts off and on some days, and I have a bit of nausea, but it is so much better!! I am really, truly eating at every meal, which is an accomplishment! Honestly, I still feel weird eating sometimes. After eating sporadically for the past several months, it seems like pure gluttony to eat three times a day. Often, I don't feel hungry even when I know I need to eat, which is weird. I'm still working on trying to get my body to tell me these things. ;)

I also WENT DOWN ON STEROIDS this week!! Just a quarter of a pill less - and I'm only taking the smaller dose every other day, but this is the first time that my body has felt ready to drop since August. I am sooo happy that my body is handling this okay so far! I still have unbelievably far to go until I'm on a "normal" steroid dosage, but hey, progress is progress! Praise God.

Please pray for my friend, Bryan Kervin. I've mentioned him before, I think - he was a fellow TCU athlete with UC. He had the J pouch surgeries. This week, he got pouchitis and wound up in the hospital for several days. He plays in the Blue Jay organization. He was supposed to go to spring training next month, and I don't know if this setback will rule out spring training for him or not... UC is a terrible disease. I know that life isn't fair, but this just so wrong. Bryan has worked so hard and overcome tremendous odds, only to have disease flare up yet again. It just breaks my heart for him, and for everyone else whose lives have been changed by UC. I know that God has used these circumstances for good in all of our lives, but we have simply GOT to find better medications for this disease. And we've got to find some way besides radical, life-altering surgery to treat us when medications fail.

I don't shamelessly plug very often, but please visit to see how Bryan is using UC to help others. I've been blessed by Rise and Conquer with hospital visits, flowers, and financial support to help me buy my meds. This is a foundation Bryan started that's dedicated to helping people with UC and Crohn's, a sister disease. I'm proud that I've been able to participate with them by raising funds for research and to send kids with these diseases to camp, and I've been personally helped by Rise and Conquer. Maybe one day, people won't have to suffer from these terrible diseases...

Hannah ;)

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