Friday, December 3, 2010


Aah... sorry it's been a while since I posted! ;) And sorry that the last post was sorta grouchy. Although, really, this blog is about honesty, so I figure if I'm not "real" on this blog, no one would read it! ;)

I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Truly wonderful, surrounded with every member of my family. And I ate. A ton. That was good, too. ;) I feel kind of weird saying how thankful I am to be able to do normal stuff like get up, get dressed, walk down the stairs, eat, sleep through the night, not be in the hospital, etc. This makes it sound like I wasn't thankful when I was not able to do those things. But I was still thankful even then, and being able to do all those things is just icing on the cake! God never changes. His love for me never changes. And He is still good, even in the hard times. He is just giving me extra things to smile about right now. ;)

I'm doing okay! My mom commented that I'm kind of having one symptom at a time. She's right. One day, my stomach won't empty all day. The next day, my stomach will be fine, but my joints and muscles will hurt really bad. The next day, that pain is better, but I'll be shaky and dizzy. It's really wonderful that it's not everything at the same time! But I do feel kind of like a hypochondriac since it's something different every day! ;)

Today I followed up with the ID doctor. I was a little frustrated. He types the whole time I'm talking but didn't actually listen to anything I said. I know that he is charting. Believe me, I understand computer charting. But you should still take time to listen and answer questions. He ordered new labs without looking at the old ones. Our entire interaction was only 5 or 6 sentences, then he left. Basically, the abscesses SHOULD be gone at this point, but we really can't know for sure without doing another CT scan (which we are hoping to be able to avoid, since I'm at serious risk because of the radiation exposure thing). Since I'm not spiking high fevers, he thinks I'm fine to be off antibiotics (YAY!). I have been running low grade fevers several days a week -like 99.5 - not a "real" fever, but enough to make me feel a little crummy! But this often happens to me when my autoimmune stuff is flaring, so it's hard to say what, if anything, is going on. And ID doctor really didn't answer any of my questions, which was annoying.

Happiest news of all and huge giving of thanks: today I finished the last final of the last class from last semester.

I am done with college.

I have finished my degree.

I wasn't sure that God would allow me to accomplish this goal!! I'm so incredibly thankful for His grace and perseverance and strength that He's given me to complete this last course. This spring was so humbling as I was completely unable to make it to class, focus, or study most of the time. I realize that this degree is truly a gift and provision from Him, not something that I did. I am so thankful to God and to everyone who's helped me get where I am now.

Not being one to sit still.... Up next: teaching myself Organic Chemistry II and studying for the MCAT.

Hannah ;)

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  1. Congratulations on completing all the college courses. His wisdom , strength and joy to you as you will do well on your MCAT too.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year. His perfect grace be with you .