Saturday, January 15, 2011


So... I have good news (I think)!

Friday I went to the ID Dr - I saw his PA. I really liked him - he listened to my whole story and all my concerns. Overall, though, I had good things to say - fevers gone, pain improving, energy better. The concerning thing still is the bleeding issue. He talked to ID doctor about this and there are several theories floating around about this. They think it's either a fistula... or that I have endometriosis. I don't want either of these things. But both those theories kind of explain the low abdominal pain and stuff. Anyways, they are just tossing ideas around at this point.

ID PA got me repeat sonograms that afternoon - I had to wait around for a couple hours, but I had the afternoon off anyways. It was so nice to get it all done in one day instead of having to drive over there yet another time.

The ultrasound tech couldn't really say anything final... but... she did say that she thought that the fluid collections were much, much smaller than they were on my test just two weeks ago!! This would be EXCELLENT news!! Maybe the abscesses are finally going away after 4 months! Of course, nothing is for certain until they really compare the studies and write the reports, but I'm going with what the lady told me and believing that the Ab Four are on their way out!

I also got labs drawn. Hopefully my white count will be down, too...

Please pray for one of the clinic nurses, Angelita. She is my buddy. ;) We were talking... turns out her husband, Earnest, just got diagnosed with cancer over Christmas and is going through chemotherapy. I got to share the hope that's found in Christ with her and I'll be praying for her and her husband. I gave her some verses (including Romans 5!) to read. Please keep them in your prayers!

Hannah ;)

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