Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good News/Bad News...

So... report is back on the ultrasound - it was all clear! All better! Yay! Also, my white count was NORMAL! This is so exciting! The PA called me to tell me this news.

He said that I could even stop the antibiotics! But... unfortunately, I've been having more lower abdominal pain since Saturday afternoon. Not sure why... but it feels just like the abscess pain again. It hurts to wear a seatbelt or go over bumps or sit down... arrrg. So, after I mentioned this, the PA decided that I should continue the antibiotics until we figure out what's going on. ;(

I was supposed to get an ultrasound again today, but it looks like that's not actually going to happen. I'm continuing to have off and on nausea, too, but I think that's more related to antibiotics than anything else. I was feeling kind of awful this morning with lots of pain and shakiness, but decided to take a tiny bit extra steroid. I perked right back up within 45 minutes. I feel a bit guilty doing this, but it really helps... silly body... not sure why it's doing this to me...

I don't really think that the abscesses could have formed again between Friday when I got ultrasounded (is that a word?) and Saturday when I started hurting... but the doctor and I don't know what else this could be from. I thought I was gonna be all better from the abscesses, so this is a little frustrating for me and the doctor...

Hannah ;)

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