Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Healthwise, this week has been pretty good, if we don't count Saturday night through Monday night! I had bad intermittent tummy issues. I am pretty sure that I am having obstructions, which is sad, but thankfully, they eventually passed and I'm okay. This is somewhat amazing that I did not require IV fluids to keep me stable! I was down for the count, but God allowed my body to be okay on its own and nothing got out of control! My energy has been pretty fantastic this week - I'm tired, but just normal person tired, not shaky and dizzy and run over feeling. This is wonderful! And may or may not be due to me messing with my steroids... I have taken a little tiny bit extra on some days, and it really helps me to feel better. Endo doc would sigh and shake her head, but I know my body... and some days I just need more steroids!

In other happy news, my pain has finally gone back to "normal" after a rather horrid month or so. I'm doing well when I take my normal meds, and I'm not needing extra meds! I am so thankful! I feel like a totally different person, since this week I've had both energy AND not been shaking and hurting uncontrollably! Also, I must admit that the antibiotic cocktail has caused pretty tremendous improvement in the abdominal pain and bladder issues! My low grade fever has also disappeared for the past week. Overall, I think that my body has less inflammation, which is a very good thing. Hopefully this will start to be reflected in my lab values, too.

In depressing news... I'm having that whole bleeding from my backside issue again... I remain totally baffled as to why this is happening and what this means. My doctors are being very evasive about this issue, which is not so helpful. This could be a fistula. This could be from the abscesses. This could be ulcerative colitis or pouchitis coming back in a place I was SUPPOSED to have removed back in August. No one knows. No one is saying. No one is wanting to investigate this... And honestly, part of me doesn't want to know, either! I don't want to hear more bad news! ;) But obviously, we need to get this defined and figured out. And the sooner, the better.

I finally got one of my doctors to talk to the other doctor about the cyst thing on my ultrasound. She confirmed that it is nothing to be concerned about and that no further testing is necessary. I knew this... but now all my doctors do, too! I'm thankful that we got that straightened out without more doctor visits. ;)

I would ask for prayers about wisdom for dealing with doctors... seems like I have to communicate with at least one doctor each day! Despite this, I'm not really getting answers to some of my concerns. And it's a constant struggle to try to get all the doctors on the same page. Please pray that I will be a light for Christ in the midst of this. Also, please pray that the doctors would be diligent, and that we would know the best course of action. It seems impossible to simplify my situation or to find solutions, but I know that God is much bigger than all of this and that my health problems are not the center of the universe, haha. Obviously, He has much larger plans at work!

I'm really thankful that God granted me some better days this week and I pray that they will continue! It feels good to have the energy to help around the house and be sociable. ;) It's the little things that I can't take for granted anymore... and neither should you! What have you thanked God for today?

Hannah ;)

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