Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hurrah For Snow Days!!

It's been great to have some time off work! ;) I've been feeling kinda yucky since Saturday night. I took extra steroids on Sunday, since I was super shaky and dizzy when I woke up. I've continued to feel rather terrible - just exhausted and hurting. And I'm having my weird cravings again - all I want to do is drink pickle juice! Think I'm a little low on salt? ;)

It's been an emotionally difficult week or so for me and the family, which I'm sure does NOT help me - your adrenal glands help you cope with stress. They give you extra "juice" when things are hard. Since my adrenal glands don't work, I just tank when I get stressed! ;)

My joints are so stiff and sore from the weather change, I guess! I came home from work on Monday night and I was so tired and hurting so much that I just couldn't imagine how I'd be able to go to work on Tuesday... I prayed for a snow day. And... God made it ice! How amazing is He? ;) He is so good! And I have today off, too. It is exactly what I needed.

God is so wonderful to provide exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. He is always faithful! He shows such great care and love... He's awesome. So thankful.

Hannah ;)

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