Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today I had my FINAL meeting with the ID PA! That's right; I do not have to go back! I am cleared and released and the abscesses are totally gone! Praise God!! While I get to check ID off my list of doctors, he wants me to add in a new doctor... he is still very concerned about the cysts on my ovaries as well as the possibility of endometriosis. He thinks that my lower abdominal pain is probably from one or both of those things and needs to be checked out by a gynecologist. I told him I really didn't think that it was important to add another doctor, but he was pretty persuasive and patiently listed several good reasons, so, *sigh,* I guess I will have to get another doctor for that at some point.

I got labs today, so here's hoping that they show a normal white count! ;) If so, we can revisit the possibility of restarting immunosuppression/disease modifying arthritis treatments. I am unsure if I really want to go on that type of med. But on the other hand, I haven't been able to straighten my knees since Sunday. Anyways, now I can make an appointment with the Rheumatologist to discuss all that. I'm still feeling rather exhausted and achey, but today's been a little bit better. I'm so thankful that I've had three days off due to the ice. I really could not have made it to work, so God is good to cause such a massive ice storm! ;)

Next, I talked with the dietician. Today I weighed in at my lowest weight ever. She had some really helpful tips for how to eat and what to eat. Because my stomach doesn't empty well and I always feel nauseated, she said it's really important to just eat tiny portions. I need to eat 6-7 times a day, but I have to keep the total volume of food per time I eat at 8 oz or less. Hopefully, this will get my stomach used to eating and emptying properly. And it should decrease my nausea and discomfort with eating. She had lots of yummy, easy-to-digest snack ideas, too... one of her recommendations was Nutella. Apparently, this delicious chocolate hazelnut spread doesn't hurt Crohn's or UC peoples' tummies. And it has lots of good calories in a small serving. So, I got some, and it's delicious! Yeah, Nutella! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Hopefully with these new eating strategies, I can get back to my healthy weight. Or at least have more than one pair of jeans that stays up! ;)

Hannah ;)

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