Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Six months ago today, I went in for surgery to have my J pouch (Twitchy) removed. It was the beginning of a 4 week long hospital stay filled with more complications than anyone could have imagined.

After a 5 hour, 15 minute surgery, I wound up in recovery for over 5 hours as they could not get my pain under control, and my blood pressure was very low.

Late that night, I had to be transferred to the ICU. My heart rate was 180 (three times my normal!) and my blood pressure bottomed out. I was off and on delirious.

Today, I got up, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, got in my car, drove to work, worked, ate lunch, worked some more, drove home, ate dinner. These may not sound like great accomplishments to you... but each one of those tasks represents a huge victory to me. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for whatever He allows me to do that day. There were so many days this past year when I was physically unable to even get dressed or eat. The Lord has faithfully brought me through so much.

Six months ago, I asked you to memorize Romans 5:1-11 with me. So many of you joined the Facebook group and memorized these great words of God. Please, this week, review Romans 5:1-11. Read it every day. Practice quoting it each day. Meditate on it. Ask God how you can live it out today. Share the truths God teaches you with someone else in your life. God's word powerfully comforted me when no family member, doctor, treatment, or medicine could.

Romans 5:1-11 tells us that God allows us to rejoice even in our sufferings. This is because of the great gift we have received through Christ's death on the cross. While we were still enemies of God, living for ourselves in our sin, Christ died for us. We have received love and forgiveness and a right relationship with God. Because of that gift, we have an incredible perspective. It's not that the sufferings of this life don't hurt. They can be very painful. It's not that we don't go through unbelievable challenges. We do face them. But we have this perspective, this hope. It's not in this life. It's not in a circumstance or a human. It's in Jesus' death on the cross, which gives us a right relationship with God and the promise of eternal life. That's a hope that will never disappoint us!

Hannah ;)

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