Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sorry it's been a while since I updated! The snow days last week were fantastic - I just laid around and basically did nothing, which was very good for my body! ;) This weather has been pretty horrid for my joints - they are super stiff and weak. You know that feeling after you've just worked out really hard or run for awhile? The jello leg feeling? That's how all my joints have been feeling. The good news is that I'm not in terrible unbearable pain, for which I am INCREDIBLY thankful! But my joints just don't work so well and I feel pretty beat up.

God has been so good... I alluded in my last post to how He keeps giving snow days at just the right time! ;) The days when I really could barely walk, work got cancelled! Last night, my joints felt so weak, and I was so stiff this morning. But thankfully, God allowed my joints to feel a LOT stronger today. Plus I had a short day at work. ;) He is so faithful to provide just what is needed at just the right time.

My white count came back modestly elevated, but hopefully that is just reflective of autoimmune inflammation, not infection. I've been feeling rather better as far as the lower abdominal pain stuff, which is good! I'm getting that MRI done on Friday to further define what's up with the bleeding, which has continued. I'm pretty sure that I have a fistula. If so... this would probably require surgery to fix. So. Not. Excited. But God is in control of all that, so I don't need to worry about tomorrow! ;)

I'm working hard at eating several times a day! Some days go better than others as far as the eating and the nausea. But overall, I think that the dietician had good ideas that will eventually "reset" my stomach so my body can get and process the nutrition I need.

Thank you all for all your support and prayers and encouragement to my family lately... it means so much to us! We are so thankful for the love of Christ that y'all show us. You all are such a blessing and your prayers are keeping us strong.

Hannah ;)

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