Friday, March 11, 2011

Crossed Wires

This week has been interesting... I go to work, come home, and go straight to sleep! I can barely make it through the day because I'm so tired. My pain is getting a little bit better overall, which is fantastic! Downside is that I haven't had this level of fatigue for a long time. I went off my new anti inflammatory and so my joints are flaring up again, but that's my fault for quitting my meds! ;)

My doctors are all pretty much in the doghouse right now! My GI doctor cancelled my scope for today because he had to go get his driver's license renewed. Seriously?!? Everyone at work is doing scheduling gymnastics today so that I could have the day off to get this done. Thankfully, he rescheduled it for a day next week when I have off work... but it's just one more delay. It was over six weeks ago when he said that we needed to get to the bottom (haha) of this quickly.

Also... I got a voicemail from the ID doctor on Wednesday. They saw I had an MRI, and want me back on antibiotics because I have an abscess. Point number one: I had this MRI a month ago. And you are just now thinking that there is a problem? Point number two: GI Dr says it's NOT an infection, and therefore antibiotics won't do any good. Point number three: So I have one doctor telling me I don't need antibiotics, and the other doctor is calling antibiotics in to my pharmacy. C'mon, "future of medicince, today" (my institution's motto). I need you all to work together.

I have to admit... I think that my extreme fatigue and tummy pain get better when I'm on the antibiotics. But how long can I stay on antibiotics? Can we fix this problem, ever? I just have a lot of questions... and I'm getting two different messages from my doctors. Please pray that these wires get uncrossed! I'm sorry that I'm sounding so gripe-y all the time on the blog... I am just completely at a loss for how stuff like this happens, and I don't know what exactly to do. I know I ask this all the time, but please pray for clarity and wisdom and direction for dealing with doctors... and pray that the doctors will do their jobs. ;)

Hannah ;)

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