Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dr. Saturday

So... Saturday bright and early found me trekking to the doctor's office to meet with a new surgeon. I was undecided if he was a sick workaholic masochist or just incredibly devoted to his patients to see me on a Saturday morning!

Since I'm getting 2 opinions besides Dr. Sidekick, I started making a mental list of Pros and Cons for Dr. Saturday...

His waiting room has two fish tanks! My pediatrician's office had fish, too. This is a good sign.
His exam room has slightly dirty colon jokes on the wall
He is seeing me on Saturday

His building smells like mold
His building was hard to find
His exam room has antiquated scoping tools and such laying on the counters. This is a major turn off.

The appointment went well. He seemed to instantly grasp the entire situation, knew exactly why I was having the problems I'm having, he saw the big picture... it was pretty amazing.

One of his first comments was about my size... he wanted to admit me to get a PICC line and start TPN (IV nutrition) to get me plumped up a little. I balked, so he said I needed to do 2 cans of Boost/Ensure per day in addition to what I'm doing now. I told him I had talked to a dietician and was trying to do the 6 meals a day thing. He looked at me and said, "Honey, it ain't working." So I got some shakes and I will be trying to incorporate them into my diet... yuck. I am losing weight again, though, and I definitely want my body to be better nourished for this surgery, so now is the time for action! ;)

He said that I still have my (least favorite phrase ever coming up...) anal canal present. He says that he usually takes that out because... get this... leaving it in tends to cause pelvic abscesses that can't drain and can't get better. So yeah. It needs to come out.

His plan would be something like this: Get me admitted for 3-4 days to get some IV nutrition going, re-run some tests, and then do a small surgery or "exam under anesthesia" to see exactly what is going on in my pelvis. Then, the next day, he would do surgery to remove the last remnant of my J pouch and try to clean out the abscesses as much as possible. Then, he'd put in this foam WoundVac stuff to suction out the infection. After a while of this, they might replace the foam with a drain like I had before. This could all be done, hopefully, through my, um, bottom. Hopefully, eventually, the infection will all drain itself out, and the wound will heal, and my bottom will one day heal itself shut.

This would be an unpleasant, uncomfortable (drains and wound vacs in my bottom) experience, but it is much less invasive than my previous surgeries have been. And hopefully, it will work to get rid of the abscess!

He couldn't really say anything for sure (and I still haven't seen my other opinions) until he saw my actual films, not just the reports, which was all I had. So he asked how soon I could get them. I told him that I could probably get them on Monday... and his response was, "Okay, I'll need to see you again on Tuesday." He definitely is responsive! The only thing I didn't like was that he didn't do a ton of explaining... He did explain everything, just wasn't super in depth. Hopefully was just because he didn't have the actual pictures to look at yet. But I liked him and had a good experience and would feel comfortable with him. He saw the complete picture of all my weird symptoms and problems and didn't just focus on my stomach issues. That's a good sign...

The day ended on a somewhat awesome note. The building across the way was having this party... on every floor, there was a different catered buffet line. There were 10 floors. In keeping with my desires to follow Dr. Saturday's instructions to get in some nutrition... we crashed the party and hit up every single floor. No joke.

On Monday I will meet with Dr. Sidekick again and another opinion. Fun fun!

Hannah ;)

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  1. Hannah thank you so much for keeping us informed so that we can pray. I enjoy your humor. Your story is...amazing. God is glorified in you.