Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The LAST Scope

The title of the post reflects my heart's desire... ;) and I am BELIEVING that this was the last scope I will EVER have to have!

I just have to have a big shout out to everyone who cared for me today... each and every person, from the check in lady to the anesthesiologist, was exceptionally kind, caring, and so wonderfully nice and tender and sensitive... the great people made it a much more pleasant experience than a scope should be! ;) God is so great to provide such sweet folks to take care of me.

I talked to Dr. Sidekick before the scope. Basically... I need surgery. The abscess, based on the MRI report, has actually spread to involve my left ovary, my uterus, my vagina... it's spreading throughout my pelvis, and he thinks it could spread to my bladder and my pelvic bones, which would be NOT. GOOD. AT. ALL. What he is recommending is surgery to go in, remove all my remaining anus/rectum (which, if you recall, Dr. A was SUPPOSED to remove in my August surgery), remove the abscess, clean out my pelvis, and attach a WoundVac to literally try to suck out the infection and suck the wound shut. This may also call for the involvement of plastic surgeons to basically reconstruct my pelvic area. He HOPES that this would heal and that they would be able to get all the infection out. I asked him about watching or trying more antibiotics, but we are past that at this point.

The actual scope was a pediatric scope, using CO2 gas instead of O2... they were scoping in all my, um, holes down there to see if there were connections and what was unhealed. Basically, they could not really see much and couldn't get the scope in very far.

I woke up in quite a lot of pain. Usually, I wake up feeling fine (if totally druggy and loopy), but not this time, alas. The recovery nurse asked me what I wanted... fentanyl, morphine, or dilaudid! Haha - not a bad choice in the bunch! I went for my personal fave, dilaudid. Then a chaser of my other favorite, Zofran (for nausea)! It took a few rounds, but I eventually started to hurt less and felt more comfortable. I was totally loopy for the rest of the day. The recovery nurse was awesome and my number one hero, because she also gave me a bag and a half of IV fluids. She (correctly) figured I was pretty dehydrated. She was so smart. A Semi Colon going without water all day so she can have anesthesia gets pretty dry! Getting the fluids was fantastic!

I am struggling with the unfairness of this whole situation... it's not fair that I need another major surgery to remove stuff that I was told would be removed in August. But then I have to stop and think... it is not fair at all that I lived in rebellion towards God, hating Him and doing my own thing. It is not fair that God punished Jesus for MY sins. It is not fair that God counts me as having His Son's righteous life.

This does not mean that I don't hold my doctors accountable for their mistakes. But it definitely changes my perspective and shows me that I have no right to hold anger in my heart against them!

Please pray for me and my family as we seek (at my doctor's counsel) a few other opinions about how to proceed. Please pray that all this can be worked out in a timely manner. Please pray that we will find the right surgeon for the job. Pray that I will be able to make wise decisions about what to tell my bosses, since I will need to have time off for all this...

Hannah ;)

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  1. I am praying Psalm 6 for you -- begging God to be merciful to you and bring healing to your body.