Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Doctors

My prayer over the weekend was that God would make it very clear which doctor I should choose. I was worried that it would be a tough choice...

Monday morning I went back to see Dr. Sidekick. He explained that I have basically two choices: one, surgery to remove the (wait for it... favorite phrase ever....) anal canal and clean out the abscesses through that incision only, then packing that wound. This is the conservative surgery. The more definitive surgery would be to open me up and really clean everything out, possibly necessitating plastic surgery and stomach muscle flaps transposed into my pelvis to reconstruct things. HUGE surgery with several WEEKS in the hospital. I elected for the conservative approach... ;) The problem is, of course, that it might not actually work. It might not heal, they might not get all the infection out, etc. It was sobering.

The interesting thing is that he gave a name to the weird pain/body freaking out episodes I've had after both my surgeries and after my drain placement procedure. It's called SIRS, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, basically a form of shock. My immune system is just so reactive that it causes inflammation everywhere after it gets "assaulted" by surgery. And it makes my heart rate soar, blood pressure plummet, oxygen levels bottom out, incredible pain, etc. So we would be hoping that my body will NOT do that if I have surgery again...

Next I went to Dr. Second Opinion.

He gave very detailed explanations.
Very caring and helpful, and experienced with the surgeries I've had.
His office building is snazzy and mod with comfy waiting chairs.
This picture was in the exam room:

He definitely thought of himself as a second opinion only. He did not really want me as a patient.
He told me to stick with my current doctors, since they are "doing their very best for you."

Not Really a Pro Nor a Con But an Interesting Side Note Worthy of Blogging:
His nurse had an honest-to-goodness mullet. No joke.

In conclusion, God made it so apparent that I should go with Dr. Saturday. All three doctors have essentially laid out the same choices and possible surgeries for me - they are all saying the same thing. So that consistency is good. Dr. Saturday had the most holistic approach and was willing to take me with all my millions of issues. The only thing that makes me nervous is being at a different hospital that is not familiar with me. God is so good and I'm so thankful for His clear direction!

Hannah ;)

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