Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of Surgeries and Potato Chips

I spent Friday playing doctor phone tag... I called both the ID and GI clinic beginning at 8:30 am, trying to get a straight answer concerning the antibiotics - should I take them? Should I not? I've been feeling pretty crummy, so I had pretty much decided to start taking them. But I needed my doctors to talk to each other.

Unfortunately, by 2:30, I had not heard back from either clinic, so I started calling again. It was Friday. If I didn't hear back soon, it would be the weekend, and it'd be sometime Monday before I got my answer. At last, still not getting answers, I called GI Dr's cell phone. It's a very rare thing for a doctor to give out his or her cell number, and I don't abuse that privilege. Anyways, I called him. While he was at his driver's test. You know, the test he forgot about. ;)

I clearly expressed my frustration and concern about the lack of progress and my worsening physical state. I told him that I came in to his office feeling bad 6 weeks ago, and since then, I've had an MRI. That's all that has happened. He did not return my emails or calls. We haven't done anything to help me feel better. I told him that we needed to do something, and if he couldn't, I needed the name of a doctor who can. I also told him that he and ID need to start communicating. And that waiting a month to decide to act on a scan is unacceptable and negligent.

So... it all boils down to this... I will go back on antibiotics. I will call/text GI Dr's cell every day with a report on how I'm feeling. He is giving himself an ultimatum - I need to feel better in 10 days. If not, we will have to do something drastic (surgery, IV antibiotics). I'm having the scope on Tuesday. It likely will show that I need surgery. If this is the case, we are in agreement that I will see another surgeon at another institution. I have this abscess in my abdomen, a smoldering infection. It won't clear up on its own, and it hasn't cleared up despite months of antibiotics, either. Surgery to clean out my abdomen will be extremely challenging and bad for me, though, considering my diseases, history, previous surgeries, steroid dependence, etc. In GI Dr's words, "You are in a terrible position." He is a pro at sugar coating! ;)

I'm a little skeptical that things will actually start moving on this. I've been having surgical complications for nearly seven months now! So far, my concerns have been pushed to the back burner or ignored or overlooked or something, I guess, since we are this far out and I am still having so many problems. It is frustrating and scary that nothing happened, medical-wise, for several weeks, yet I'm now being told by ID and GI that I am in a serious predicament because the scan shows such bad problems that need to be fixed. I am absolutely terrified of having more surgery. But I may not have much of a choice.

The reality is kind of hitting me that this whole having surgery thing is sort of like potato chips - betcha can't just have one! ;)

Honestly... I am simply clinging to some simple truths: God is good, His promises are true, and He has used my health stuff only for good in the past. Therefore, I have no reason to think that He will use this for anything but my good, His glory, and growth in my life and in the lives of others!

Hannah ;)