Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rest of the Week

Well, Tuesday ended up being very tough! I had to leave work early because I was hurting so badly that I could not concentrate at all and none of my meds were helping. ;( I've NEVER left work EVER, no matter what, so this was a big, big deal. I felt so horrible and I felt bad that I let the folks at work down, but it was for the best, I guess.

Dr. Pain's office worked me in, 'cause they are just awesome like that. ;) The nurses told me that I was their favorite patient. He gave me some different pain meds to test drive. You see, I have really, really strong pills - I call them my "ABORT, ABORT" pills, because they pretty much knock me out. Obviously... I cannot take these at work. ;) So he gave me some of the same drug in 1/3 the strength, so I can try to see if I can achieve functionality - hurting little enough that I can think straight, but not so drugged that I can't see straight. Oh my life... ;P So far, the plan has worked. And once I got the pain under control, I actually took quite a bit LESS medicine overall for the rest of the week.

He also talked to me a lot about the mental side of things... just asking questions about how I think about my illness, and stuff like that. I thought that was an interesting question, and I've been pondering that. He also talked to me about some natural stuff that I'm trying. He does the absolute best job of treating me holistically.

The rest of the week got a little bit better each day. It was definitely a rough week, and my energy is pretty low, but I was functional again, thankfully! I'm thankful for God allowing me to make it through the week... I was afraid, after Monday and Tuesday, that I was going to have to just throw in the towel at work.

Hannah ;)

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