Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trust and Obey

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement to me... it is a huge blessing and greatly needed! Please keep it up... I am so thankful for the encouragement.

I went back to work on Wednesday, and I was okay, but went to bed soon after getting home. I did talk to GI Dr on the phone yesterday. He reiterated the scope findings - basically, that there is some intestinal tissue that should have been removed in August that is still present and is causing problems - possibly that is setting off my systemic inflammation (arthritis, etc). This needs to come out! Also, the abscess is causing my other pelvic organs to be "reactive" - everything is inflamed and angry. The abscess also needs to come out and my abdomen needs to get cleaned out. We discussed surgical possibilities again... he is working on sending my records to some other folks, too. Basically, I will be seeing THREE surgeons next Monday (in a little over a week).

I'll be seeing Dr. Sidekick, and also two other surgeons... each representing different hospitals. Just to get three opinions on what is going on and what needs to happen. Maybe three is excessive; I don't know. My GI doctor and I don't think that I have anything to lose by getting opinions from other experienced doctors. It was totally divinely ordained how all three of these appointments fell into place so amazingly yesterday and today. The hard part is going to be choosing between the three doctors - I really don't think that there is a bad one in the bunch.

I'm feeling sort of miserable... I'm having that all-over body pain, and my abdomen is really hurting. In speaking with my doctors, the consensus is that I will likely just feel awful until they get the infection out. Although I'm not convinced that all of what I'm feeling is from infection. Plus, the antibiotic cocktail I'm on is infamous for being very harsh. They make me pretty nauseated. I'm SUPPOSED to be working on eating well and gaining weight, but I've been feeling too sick to do a good job. If I'm going to have surgery, I really really need to be better nourished going in so I have a better chance at healing this time. Please pray that my tummy settles down so I can get in some good nutrition!

I am still trying to figure out what to do about work. I had today off, which was great, since I barely got out of bed! I am having a hard time getting comfortable enough to be functional and my energy is pretty shot! ;)

Please pray for wisdom and strength and peace. God has given me a lot of peace, because I can't really do anything else until after I see the surgeons. I can't make any surgery decisions or plan my life or anything until then. So, on a purely pragmatic level, I have nothing to worry about! On a spiritual level, God calls me to NOT worry about tomorrow. He is in control of this whole universe, and whatever He calls me to endure is really just a drop in the bucket. And He always has a reason, although He does not have to explain it to me! My job is just to trust and obey. We used to sing this hymn all the time as kids - how Sarah and I learned to harmonize ;)

"Trust and obey,
For there's no other way,
To be happy in Jesus,
But to trust and obey."

Simple words? Perhaps. But what deep truths. Do you practice this every day?

Hannah ;)


  1. You know in some of the hardest times that Hymn has spoken to me... Praying for you.

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words, Hannah. Praying hard for you! :)