Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Turnabout

Today is Tuesday, so of course that means it's time to see more doctors! ;) I took my films in to Dr. Saturday to see what he thought. He and another doctor loaded in the films... and as they came up, there was a collective groan and "Oh. My. Goooooosh" as my sick little guts filled the screen. They apparently look quite bad. I heard this a few times yesterday, but the reaction today was pretty dramatic. I'd rather receive special attention for doing something cool besides growing a veritable garden of pelvic abscesses. But I digress.

Once he finished looking at the scans, Dr. Saturday turned to me and pointed to my bookbag. "You packed?" he asked. He wanted to admit me to the hospital on the spot. I looked at him with terror in my eyes. He modulated and said he'd allow me a few days to get mentally prepared (See? I like this guy. He understands me). He really did want to admit me on Saturday for a PICC line and TPN.

When all the dust settled, this was the plan:
  • Thursday at noon: Get admitted.
  • Get a PICC line inserted.
  • Start TPN (IV nutrition) and IV antibiotics.
  • Thursday - Tuesday: Get plumped up and juiced up and full of antibiotics while watching movies, entertaining millions of guests (PLEASE COME AMUSE ME!), attempting to catch up on thank you notes from August surgery (impossible), studying for the MCAT, decorating my room, attempting to eat a lot, harassing the staff, etc.
  • Tuesday night: SURGERY
Surgery will be what I've discussed previously - basically removing the (here it comes again!) anal canal and cleaning out the pelvis as much as possible through that hole, packing the wound with stuff, and seeing how it turns out! Of course, they don't really know for sure what they will find or what they need to do until they actually open me up, but that's the best guess.

Hopefully, about 2 days after this, I would be able to go home. But we all know how well I do after surgeries. So no real conjectures on this.

Last night, I was praying that God would give clear direction as far as the "when" of surgery. He certainly did that! He, once again, shows Himself faithful...

After getting all this news, I felt a little weird. Agreeing to another surgery was tough. I went up to see my brother at church for a hug... and ended up also having Tom and Rocky and Mrs. Bone and Dusty all pray for me! It was very special, and I'm thankful for the fellowship of God's people who are so faithful to pray for me and my family! Please keep us in prayer as we prepare to embark on a new adventure (sounds like a tag line for a new movie)!

Hannah ;)

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