Monday, March 21, 2011

Up and Down

Thank you for your prayers - I know SOMEONE must have been praying, because Friday and Saturday and Sunday were BETTER! I took extra steroids on Friday, and it was a much better day as far as pain and energy and nausea were concerned! Praise God!

I did get into trouble with my endocrine doctor. She is upset that I have not been able to taper at all on my steroids since... August. Ugh. Trust me, she's not as upset as I am! No one wants to be off steroids more than I do! It just isn't working. Every time I drop down, I feel so awful. I've tapered off steroids before. It's been hard at times. It has made me feel crummy at times. But I've ALWAYS been able to keep tapering. Until this time... I don't know what's different, but I really think my body just can't do it! Anyways, please pray that God will give Endo doc and I wisdom to know how and when to taper, 'cause whatever we're doing now isn't working. I dodged a bullet, though, since Endo doc decided it would be unwise to taper until after I'm better from my upcoming surgery. At that point, we will regroup and figure out a new game plan. I am already dreading that day. The attempts to taper followed by complete crashes just destroy me. I've tapered off steroids many, many times since I got diagnosed with UC, but for some reason, my body just can't do it now! Anyways, that's a battle I don't have to face until after I am completely recovered from my upcoming surgery, so I'll leave it in His hands!

So, like I said... the weekend was GREAT! I went HIKING on Saturday... that's right! ;) I could hardly walk a few weeks ago, and now I'm hiking... yesssss! Praise God! Sunday was great, too, until the evening. I totally crashed - lots of pain, lots of nausea, too tired to move. I fell asleep around 5:30, got up briefly to take night meds, and went back to bed. But whatever - I had a wonderful couple of days and I fully enjoyed and lived up every second of feeling good!

Getting out of bed this morning was HARD. Today was HARD. My belly is just really painful. Wearing a seatbelt hurts, because that's right where the abscess and my pain is. Going over bumps or sitting down hard causes waves of pain. I'm also having that all over pain again - my whole body just hurts. Work was tough today. I am having a hard time working. Usually no one can tell when I don't feel good, but this afternoon, my stomach was hurting too much to hide. ;( After work, I had to curl up in my car for over an hour until I felt okay enough to drive home.

My GI doctor and I talked tonight. He is going to talk with ID and see if we can perhaps change my antibiotics to something that will cause LESS overwhelming nausea (I drove to work with a cup beside me because I feel like I'm about to toss my cookies. It seems to be bad in the mornings and evenings, but okay during the day... He is also going to talk to Interventional Radiology about my most recent MRI on the remote chance that I could temporarily delay surgery/be more comfortable until surgery by having another drain placed.

I am so thankful for the temporary reprieve this weekend! I felt so good that I thought maybe I was fine and beating the abscess... Sunday evening and today were "back to reality" for me! I'm back to feeling pretty miserable. Please pray that I would be a light for Christ!

Hannah ;)

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