Friday, April 1, 2011

Answered Prayers

So I'm all tucked away in the hospital... I came in yesterday afternoon. It was a little lesson in patience, as the reason that I came in was to get a line placed and start TPN. That didn't actually happen yesterday. But at least we got an IV in after only TWO tries and started some very powerful antibiotics and IV fluids. Plus, I decorated my room (thanks, Araenae!), read an entire novel, watched a few episodes of a TV show, and had a lovely visit from Emily! It was so good to see a familiar face! She works here in nutrition, so she gave me the inside scoop on how to get yummy food! Thanks, Emily! ;)

I did get that PICC line placed this morning! My whole arm was numb from for an hour or so afterwards, which felt so funny! It's like after you go to the dentist, but it's my arm instead of my cheek. Trying to put my hair in a ponytail was awesome! My arm kept flopping! ;) The lady did tell me that she used the last spot in my right arm. If I have to get a PICC line again, they will have to start on the other arm. But really, this should be my last PICC line ever, right?

Dr. Saturday wanted to get another CT scan today... I've been trying to avoid these, but figured they would need one more before they cut me open. They did it WITHOUT contrast (remember, I had a bad allergic reaction to the contrast in October), so the only risk to me is cancer from the cumulative radiation from having 8-9 CT scans in the last year or so. ;) I did have to drink some yucky stuff first, though. I was super nervous/minorly freaking out about drinking it. The last time I drank it, I had some of the worst belly pain I've ever had. And for me, that's saying something. I texted several people asking for prayer because I was not excited about going through that again! And... God answered! Thank you all so much!! ;) I drank it real slow and only got about 3/4 of it down... but it did NOT make me sick or hurt me! They gave me nausea and pain meds after I drank half of the stuff to help prevent any bad reaction. God is so good in those little things! ;)

The report on the CT is actually... IMPROVED! Praise God! This will make surgery much simpler and more likely to succeed! In fact, there is a small chance that I may not even need surgery or I could just have a more minor surgery! This could be possible if I show tremendous improvement on antibiotics alone after several days. I would need to have my white count go back to normal and my belly pain go away. This is just a very small chance, but God can do it! Honestly, though, they are keeping me on the schedule for surgery on Tuesday. But all in all, this scan was such good news. It showed very large amounts of inflammation throughout my pelvis, explaining the pain I'm having, but the abscesses are a bit smaller than they were in October, at any rate! This makes the situation much more straightforward - things aren't as "messy" as they were.

Dr. Saturday teased me about having to twist my arm to get me here... everyone who has seen me says I look perkier... I really do feel more energetic! Whether it's the fluids or antibiotics or both, I have more energy than I have in a few weeks. The doctor hopes to see even more improvement once my nutritional status is improved. My stomach is hurting worse and worse, though, which stinks, but really, I've been through much worse. And he told me that I'm not crazy; there is a very legitimate reason why my stomach hurts so much and why I have trouble eating, so he told me to not sweat it. This is silly, but those words were good to hear... sometimes I start thinking I'm being dramatic or something.

So today, I'm just hanging out! Hopefully starting TPN. I met a lovely lady, Pat, on my floor today... she has Crohn's disease and, although we are 50 years apart in age, we have basically led parallel lives with surgeries, ostomies, TPN, pain, treatments, abscesses... we also share a love for Jesus! My verses and comics on my door (thanks again, Araenae!) caught her eye, and we started chatting. She told me to hang in there and never give up! Between hospitalizations and surgeries, she is a competitive skiier and tennis player! She lives in Colorado, but comes all the way down here when she needs surgery so she can have Dr. Saturday operate on her.

I had some lovely, lovely guests today... bearing games and April Fool's jokes and wonderful brightly colored verses!! I'm thankful for the company and encouragement! I'm thankful for all the prayers God has answered today: getting that contrast down, improvement on the scans, encouragement from visitors, opportunities to share the hope I have in Christ!

Please pray that God will make it very clear the path we should take, and that my stomach will start feeling better!

Hannah ;)

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