Monday, April 11, 2011

GOD is in Control

Today was much better! I was so worried about talking to Dr. Saturday again this morning after yesterday's less-than-fun exchange. He asked for my endocrine Dr's name, and I told him...then I told him I'd meet him in the middle with the steroid tapering, and his grin broke through like the sun through the clouds. He told me that was fine, to not worry, and to not taper any more than what I did yesterday. So we're all good... PRAISE THE LORD! Also, my body has done okay so far with the two days of tapering - I can tell I'm taking less, but it's okay - I'm not crashing!! I am having a lot more muscle and joint pain, which could be from the steroids or from the weather, so that's no fun, but it's manageable.

In other fantastic news, Dr. Star Trek and Dr. Saturday are in agreement that I can go home WITHOUT my PICC line! I will just do 10 days of oral antibiotics - that's it! Sounds better than 3 weeks of IV antibiotics and TPN, right?

I ate so well today... it was awesome! Still dealing with quite a bit of nausea, but I was able to still eat, which is great! My bladder is doing so much better adn I'm off the medicine for it... I probably need a small procedure to help widen the scar tissue that caused the bladder to shut down after surgery, but hopefully everything will just be fine now!

God is so amazing... so many things beyond what I could ask or even think have happened... the only small bummer is the fact that I still likely require more surgery when I'm healthier to remove that last bit of J pouch. But I do not have to face that today! ;)

Anna Anderson, a faithful prayer warrior, made me a sign with verses on it. The sign says:

GOD is in control.

This sign has stayed on my window ever since I got it, and it serves as a constant reminder. Why did I worry about talking to Dr. Saturday today? Why do I worry about anything? As Anna so wisely wrote for me, GOD is in control. I am so thankful for her reminder and I'm incredibly blessed by her faithfulness to pray. May He help my unbelief...

Home tomorrow!

Hannah ;)

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