Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God is STILL in Control

Well, this morning, I got my PICC line out, got all ready to go.... and suddenly started feeling awful. I got really dizzy and felt out of it and my stomach started hurting. Going home got placed on the back burner.

I just hung out in the fetal position. I was super nauseated and sick all afternoon. Dr. Saturday came in and sat on my bed... I am so frustrated with this... I was doing so well, now I'm crashing. I think it's the steroids, but Dr. Saturday says no way. Hopefully my system will straighten itself out. In the meantime, they restarted an IV, and put me back on fluids and IV meds and stuff.

So I'm not home. But God is still good and still in control and I trust Him!

Please pray that we can figure out what's going on and I can feel better and go home...

Hannah ;)

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  1. Isaiah 60:20
    The LORD will be your everlasting light,
    and your days of sorrow will end.

    Praying that your days of pain and nausea and suffering would end.

    A question on my Bible lesson today is "How has the light of God shining through another person drawn you to Him?" You put God's glory on display in every post. His light is shining through you to others. Praying you know His peace and strength today.