Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well... last night was a rough bump in the road for me... I had really, really bad tummy pain all night long. Thankfully, I had a fantastic nurse and on call doctor who acted fast to get me more comfortable! What a huge blessing! That did so much for my peace of mind!

We aren't really sure what is going on. Today I just laid low. Pain and nausea have thankfully been under good control with meds! I had a CT scan to see what's up. The pain feels sort of like pancreatitis, so we did labs. They all look good, so that's good! I have been running a bit of a fever, too... I'm sure everything is fine, just my body doin' its thing. I'm a little frustrated... I was doing so good. There's no reason for me to be having pain, so that frustrates me and makes me think I must be making this a bigger deal than it really is... Anyways...

My mom reminded me today of all the opportunities I've had to minister to people here and all the amazing things that have happened... there is definitely a reason why I'm here in the hospital, and if I have to be here a little longer or if I have little setbacks, then it's because God has something bigger planned! I'm just trying to rest in His plan and know that it is best!

Hannah ;)

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  1. We had lunch with Charlie and Diane. Charlie told us a fun story about you being in Kenya, and a bar, and a bar act. Fun stuff!