Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"I'm in an ambulance/ I took, I took the worst of the blow/ send me a redeemer..."

My pain has continued to get worse. I just haven't been able to get any relief, despite stretching, heating pad, and all my medications. Since Thursday night, I hadn't been able to sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours due to the pain. By last night, I hit a wall and totally lost it. I was in so much pain.

I ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital... the decision was made to go to the hospital where I had my surgery, which is sort of far away, and I could not imagine bumping around in the car for that long. Hence, the ambulance. In retrospect, it would have been much better to just go to the hospital locally, but oh well. I can now check "ambulance ride" of my "sick person bingo" card. ;)

Anyways, they juiced me up with pain meds for a while and sent me home. It was kind of sad: while the meds helped, they did not take away the pain. Both my parents were fantastic advocates for me last night, and I am tremendously thankful for them.

I called Dr. Pain this morning, because I figured we should probably talk, and his wonderful nurse said that he would see me this afternoon. His other nurse confided in me that he's told the office that if I ever call, he will see me that day, no matter what. Have I mentioned that they are awesome?

His nurse gave me a shot of Toradol, my favorite medicine ever. Dr. Pain didn't really want to make any changes to my meds right now. Kind of frustrating, but if the IV meds didn't really help, it's not like upping my pills will do a lot of good. He continues to hope that this pain is just my body basically detoxing from the abscesses - all those inflammatory chemicals and yucky stuff from the infection. All that junk was walled off by my body for months. Since surgery, it's opened up and my body is healing, so while my tummy is getting all cleaned out, I'll have more pain as all those toxins circulate and get broken down.

Thankfully, the Toradol helped quite a bit (and he had me wait around for almost an hour to make sure I was feeling better). He told me that I can come in every Tuesday and Thursday for a week or two and just get a shot if it helps. I may take him up on that offer... that stuff is magical for me!

Please pray for relief from pain and for sleep! And please pray that I keep my perspective in the proper place. The last several days have been so awful and my soul is definitely getting dragged down.

Hannah ;)


  1. You're amazing Hannah! I'll be praying for you and I really hope the pain stays away! My friend Chaney (7 years old) says "Eat your medicine fast!" :) We're thinking of you!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Chaney!
    I love you, Macall! And miss you!
    Hannah ;)