Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today was a good day! I started TPN last night. Honestly, today I have had the most energy I've had in MONTHS. I walked around and visited with several wonderful guests (thanks so much to everyone who came!) and I didn't need to nap or anything. It was amazing. Dr. Saturday tells me it's incredible what getting nourishment for the first time in months will do! Basically, my body has been trying to use all its energy to keep the abscesses at bay. Now it's getting stronger antibiotics plus tons of nutrition to help!

On the downside, I have had quite a bit of belly pain and nausea today and consequently didn't do so well with eating food by mouth. But that's okay; that's why I have the TPN. And hopefully my tummy will start hurting less soon.

The scan showed that big cyst on my ovary again, so they had a OB/GYN doctor talk to me today. He was a strong Christian man and was pretty much the sweetest guy I've ever met. Basically, it's not big deal since it's not bothering me. He thinks it is somehow related to scar tissue and adhesions from my previous surgeries. It will probably rupture at some point, which will hurt, but clearly, I have other, bigger pain and inflammation issues in my tummy besides that, and nothing really needs to be done about this.

He did say something that really reassured me... he said, "Whenever God allows you to get married, you should really get pregnant. It would do wonders for your body. Your arthritis and autoimmune stuff would go in remission, and the baby would stretch out the scar tissue in your abdomen, so you'd have less pain." I thought that was awesome! But I've been told that the likelihood of being able to conceive would be pretty slim. He told me that, number one, God can do anything He wants to and nothing is impossible with Him, and two, I would be a great candidate for IVF. Then he told me that somewhere out there is the perfect guy, praying for me... ;) It was really cute. No idea what the Lord holds for my future, but it was nice to hear that I have options!

Please pray that God would make clear what path we should take - proceeding with surgery, or holding off! Let's beat these abscesses and get rid of the inflammation, pain, and high white count! Also pray that my body will tolerate the TPN well - I'm had some issues with blood sugar today, requiring insulin a couple times. Tonight they are upping the amount of TPN I receive, which will raise my sugars even more. Hopefully my body will adjust and my pancreas will kick in high gear to help me metabolize all this extra nutrition!

Thank you all for all your prayers and support for me and my family. I have been tremendously encouraged by you all. You help me keep my eyes fixed on Jesus! Please keep my family in your prayers as well.

Hannah ;)

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