Friday, April 8, 2011


Today has been much better! I have been eating - small amounts, but eating nonetheless! No setbacks, just progress! Lost one tube and one monitor today - good riddance and no looking back! I'm a bit sore from the surgery, but that's it! I am having pretty bad muscle and joint pain - it hurts way worse than anything else at this point. But I can still get really good meds here, so it's all good. ;) That's the perk of being in the hospital.

Dr. Saturday told me that my white count is the lowest it's been since I've been here, which is great! Die, infection, die! The ID doctor here, Dr. Star Trek, is awesome... super funny and dry. He told me that "Whenever we inherit someone else's mess from St. Elsewhere, we take things real slowly and carefully." My protein levels are low, so they have decided I'll need to do some TPN at home in addition to 3 weeks of IV antibiotics. And I'll be here inpatient until at least Tuesday. That's kind of a bummer to me, but I've decided... we're going to just give my body the absolute best chance possible to heal. That means extra nutrition, strong antibiotics, time off work... And hopefully, God will use all that and my body will be able to beat the infection and heal itself!

The setting up of the home infusion stuff has proved to be quite a tale... remember the saga of Mr. Clean? Kinda like that. Except this is not as bad, because I'm not at home trying to figure things out; other people are trying to figure things out for me. But it seems like everyone's on the same page now, and hopefully things are getting worked out! ;)

The doctors want to try to taper me down on steroids a bit while I'm here, starting tomorrow (I said no today). PLEASE PRAY! I am exceedingly nervous about this, since I have crashed every single time I've tried to taper... hopefully, here, supported with IV fluids, infection-free... maybe it will be a different story. Please pray for the doctors to listen to me and be willing to work with me on tapering slowly... and pray that I will have a reasonably willing attitude. ;)

Hannah ;)

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  1. Hey, sweetie! We're praying for you! I'm so grateful for your blog! Praying for your folks, too. Love you, love you!
    Mrs. B