Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm still home, which is great! I am definitely having to take this recovery slowly... I've just been pretty wiped out! I am being a good patient for once and laying around and taking it easy.

I've been doing pretty fantastic with eating - best in MONTHS! In the hospital, I got weighed at admission and I was at my lowest weight everrrr. Not good! I weighed myself again when I left... I gained 10 pounds! Probably half of that was water, since it's dropped off since I got home, but I know that some of it was real. I can definitely tell a difference - I can't see my ribs anymore, haha! ;) And my face looks different. Still working hard at eating so my body can heal! I'm still nauseated off and on, but it's getting better. Food actually is tasting good for the first time in months! It's so amazing... praise God!

I'm starting to have issues with my bladder again for whatever reason... what a pain... not sure what's up with that. Since yesterday evening, I've been having some pretty significant pain issues. So frustrating. My tummy is hurting where the abscesses are, and my muscles are hurting so bad... like they were last spring when I ended up going to the ER for pain control. I am taking my meds, but nothing is really touching the pain. I feel silly because it's not really surgical pain or anything, but it is making me so miserable.

Please pray for pain control and for faith and trust!

Hannah ;)

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