Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surgery #3!

This is Hannah, on the other side of surgery #3! There is a lot to tell, but I'm not up for telling it all right now! And this is a total TMI post, so read at your own risk!! I got called down to surgery around 1:30 pm, several hours early (thanks to Teresa and Nicole for staying with me til my mom could come!! Y'all were awesome!). Dr. Saturday looked around, and then went after the abscesses! It was a pretty quick procedure! He was able to get to all of them, he thinks, and he put in a drain. In my bottom.

I was in recovery for HOURS, in true Hannah form. I was shaking all over uncontrollably, heart rate was insanely high, having all kinds of problems... it was a mess. They pumped me full of fluids, then I couldn't "go." After more than 5 tries... a specialist was finally able to drain almost a liter of fluid from my bladder. I had a lot of pain afterwards, not so much from the surgical area, but from my joints and muscles and bladder spasms. They were drawing blood cultures to make sure I wasn't septic. I finally made it back to my room just before 9 pm. I'm getting comfortable again, although I'm doing my typical post anesthesia dry heaving.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for today! I am so thankful for them! Thanks to my family for their love... Surgery went well, although the post op stuff has been exciting! Please pray that I am able to sleep tonight! Please pray for my fever to stay away. And pray for my poor mom, who has to "sleep" in a hospital chair... no fun!

I am so thankful for Jesus, who continues to hold me in the palm of His hand during tough times when no one else can help... He is truly all I need.

Hannah ;)

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